Complete End-to-End Services

Sing-O provides reliable end to end customized EV charging solutions. Whether you are looking for OCPP-compliant software, charging station infrastructure or connectivity services, we offer solutions to the entirety as per your requirement.

EV Software

Our smart cloud EV software helps you effortlessly optimize your EV charging network. It lets you manage, track and control charging stations remotely. It is efficient; white labeled and will magnify the EV experience.

Fleet Management Services

Our core strength is to develop charging infrastructure. Mission critical operations require other elements such as availability, cost, and reliability to operate competitively. Well-managed, commercial electric vehicles can offer fleets significant savings on both fuel and maintenance costs. We offer commercial fleet operators an integrated solution to manage customized electric vehicle charging by offering one or more solutions depending on state of readiness and requirement.

  • Implementation of networked “smart” charging stations for management of both fleet and drivers
  • Guarantee electric vehicle availability
  • Set up a fleet management system or integrate an existing one
  • Have an optimised charging infrastructure allowing efficient energy management
  • Charging of vehicles outside the company’s own EV infrastructure by leveraging on the available public EV infrastructure

Setting up efficient vehicle fleet management:

  • Journey organisation
  • Rotation and sharing of vehicles
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Battery autonomy, etc.
  • Reporting on state of health of the battery

EV Charging Infrastructure

Sing-O provides smart EV charging end to end solutions in keeping with your budget and requirements. We offer support to make sure you can build a future of reliable charging infrastructure that meets the needs of mobility to be accessible by everyone.

Hardware & Procurement: Sing-O rigorous validation process provides choice of the highest performing open-standards-based hardware on the market. We are experienced and can help you choose the best solutions to meet your charging needs and handle all the necessary steps to source portable hardware for you from Batteries to EV chargers both AC and DC (Single To Dual 2) of varying configurations.

Easy Installation & Commissioning: Sing-O believes successful installation and commissioning should be convenient. We value business and are available for advice as well as supervise the installation and commissioning of EV charging stations.

A Software Platform: Our cloud-based energy management solution helps you optimize your charging infrastructure and operations thus making it a smooth experience.

Built on Open Standards: Our software application is built on open source and has been designed to utilize the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP 1.6/OCPP 2.0). The OCPP is critical for deploying an EV charging network. We can provide customers with a variety of flexible solutions to grow their business from a variety of high efficiency and cost effective charging stations.

Secure EV Charging: Our multi-dimensional EV charging security system seamlessly ensures all transactions and data flows securely.

The EV charging security system includes:

  • Data stored in the cloud is the most secure and can be changed or updated smartly. It is reliable and contemporary
  • Latest security patches installed, data encryption, AWS IP whitelisting
  • Secure and robust data encryption

Smart Charging

An increase in EV charging stations will have an impact on grid capacity necessitating measures to meet demand by either increase distribution system capacity (feeders, transformers, etc.) and upgrading of substations.

We provide least-cost approaches to mitigate grid impact by utilising “smart charging” approach which will:

  • Predict the impact of EV charging on the grid by location and time
  • Balance out power requirement across different locations in the EV network
  • Shifting to efficient energy sources where available
  • Managing charging times between ‘peak’ and ‘trough’ times during the day
  • Communicating real-time to EV customers to take advantage of available capacity to charge their vehicles and save time or money
  • Planning of EV charging locations given grid capacity

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics and transportation are a key factor for growth. Our dedicated team at Sing-O handles it with ease and works with you right from designs, hardware procurement and delivery through installation on site in the most efficient manner.