Our network management platform provides improved real-time operating status and health of all charging stations, installed systems, modules, reporting and much more at a glimpse.

With our variable pricing structure you can increase flexibility in pricing and set costs based on sessions, usage and other parameters.

Sing-O manages billing and payment for your EV charging network. EV drivers can pay for charging sessions through cashless payments using a credit card reader for unattended automated machines.

Get access to an advanced analytics engine, daily energy consumption station-level usage variability and reporting for charging stations.

A charging operator can remotely access devices at sites and manage charging needs to enhance energy consumption depending on peak time and off peak requests. Elevate and control your charging infrastructure based on consumption and distribute available energy between vehicles in a well-structured method.

The EV charging stations are equipped with RFID. This enables EV drivers to easily authorize payments with an RFID card for user identification and management.